LBX Forward Changsha Logistics Center Project

         The Forward Changsha Logistics Center project is located in the Xingsha Technology Development Zone of Changsha City. It is a large-scale logistics distribution center aiming at meeting the annual sales of 5 billion yuan by the LBX big pharmacy Forward Pharmaceutical Logistics (Hunan) Co., Ltd. The distribution center is divided into a multi-level flat reservoir area and an elevated area (second phase).

         In this project, our company is the total system integrator. The first phase of the project has been officially launched, and the second phase of the project is under construction.

        The equipment and system of the center are as follows:

        1) A set of AS/RS systems;

        2) A set of pallet racking system;

        3) A set of dismantle goods shelf system;

        4) Pallet flat area;

        5) A set of box picking and conveying systems;

        6) A set of pallet picking and conveying systems;

        7) Traditional Chinese medicine decoction library and special storage areas such as freezing and cold storage.